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In today's world, finances are a big part of everyone's lives. But understanding finance can be tricky. Especially, it does not help at all when all presented with boring visuals.


That's why we're here to help. We'll explain the basics of finance in a very basic language, so you can start your way to make smarter decisions about your money.

PersonallyFinanced© is a finance blog that empowers everyone regardless of their gender, ethnicity, financial well-being and hope to help its readers live their best financial lives by providing a basic understanding of finance concepts.

Here you will find posts written by finance graduates about everything related to finance topics, from news and analysis to simple educational posts. We hope you enjoy reading our content, and we look forward to helping you make smart decisions in your financial life.

Be aware that PersonallyFinanced© does not provide any professional financial advice and limited to personal educational purposes.

For more, you can contact us via on our Contact page.

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